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Field Kitchens – Dining areas

Casino - dining area. Customizable sizes, portable.

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Cutomizable sizes

Rapid deployment systems to operate as casinos or dining rooms in the field.

Customizable size according to the number of guests. It can be transferred according to the mobility of the works. It also represents a cheaper alternative to the traditional construction system.

Our 37 years of experience working in Rapid Deployment Systems (RDS), focused on defense, emergency and civils organizations worldwide.

Past experiences have given us a key factor in developing solutions with regard to temporary solutions: easy to assembly, adaptable to all type of environments under international standards.

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Fast deployment dining room

Food storage / handling center

Volumes and dimensions


  • Indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Modular floor.
  • Toilet trailers.
  • Water treatment plant trailer.
  • Laundry trailers.
  • Cooling system trailers.
Structure Model Modules Width High Long
Pneumatics 15 1 5,6 m 2,8 m 2,73 m
Pneumatics 29 2 5,6 m 2,8 m 5,11 m
Pneumatics 42 3 5,6 m 2,8 m 7,5 m
Pneumatics 56 4 5,6 m 2,8 m 10,0 m
Aluminum MTA 6 5 6,0 m 3,34 m Without restrictions
Aluminum MTA 12 5 12,0 m 4,69 m Without restrictions

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