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Command Posts

Rapid Deployment Systems to implement command posts for multiple activities.

Quick installation
Easy to transport
Turnkey solutions

Autonomous solution aimed to facilitating coordination, tactical and operational tasks.

Command Posts are implemented quickly, in remote locations and under unfavorable weather conditions.

Our 37 years of experience working in Rapid Deployment Systems (RDS), focused on defense, emergency and civils organizations worldwide.

Past experiences have given us a key factor in developing solutions with regard to temporary solutions: easy to assembly, adaptable to all type of environments under international standards.

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  • Outer cover or sunscreen for thermal insulation.
  • Electronic reversible pump with manometer and check valve.
  • Inner cover or liner for thermal insulation.
  • Curtains for space division.
  • Lighting system.
  • Interior power supply system.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Air distribution/ventilation system.
  • Heater.
  • Exterior/interior plastic modular flooring.
  • Electric generator.
  • Repair kit.
  • Transport cart.